I guess you could call me a storyteller. Or an artist. Some of the mediums I use are traditional. Others, less so. Follow me on Facebook, and you’ll see I use video, dance, music, even makeup, to express myself. To what purpose? To connect. To engage. To communicate. To learn. To grow. To share.

Essentially, I am a creator. I currently work as a Senior Producer/Editor with corporate video editing. I also freelance, creating dynamic, high-quality promotional videos, primarily, but not exclusively, for the west coast swing dance community.

Finally, as an All Star level WCS competitive dancer who has trained with many of the top WCS champions in the country, I continue to support and nurture the community as a dance instructor, deejay and event promoter.

Multitalented and Multifaceted.

Creating passion-driven stories through dance and video.


My video production journey started in 2006 at Boston College. As an English Major, storytelling was in my blood. However it was a Minor in Film and a class in screenwriting that presented a new avenue: video editing as a dynamic way to tell stories with sound and moving pictures. 


I have been dancing as long as I can remember. At age 3, it was ballet, followed by tap, jazz, hip hop, and pointe. In college I entered the world of partner dancing through lindy hop, and ultimately, west coast swing. I am committed to passionately supporting the west coast swing community any way I can.


It was inevitable that my professional journey would intersect with my dance journey. As a creator, I get to meld my passions where I can express myself using a variety of media, such as music editing, freelance video producing, workshop teaching, social event promoting, deejaying and more.

At Work and PLAY

Contact Kristen

My freelance services include creating promo reels, WCS teaching and deejaying, or assisting with organizing your workshop or competition event. Rates for my work vary depending on project and scope, so please reach out and we can discuss.