Being a dancer has always been a big part of who I am

It all began when

I’ve been dancing since I was the age of 3, amassing experience in styles of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and pointe.

Partner Dancing 101

In college I entered the world of partner dancing through lindy hop and eventually into west coast swing.

Learned from the best

West coast swing has been my passion since 2009 and I have trained with many of the top champions.

Put it to the test

Currently I compete at an All Star level in west coast swing, and have put multiple routines on the floor in rising star, pro am, and team.

Private and Event Instruction

Private Lessons

Focus shifts to the specific goals of the individual student (or couple). In addition to refining the basics, privates are a great way to tailor your learning experience to match your specific dance goals. Connection and compression are the most important concepts of west coast swing, and when taught in group class, it can be difficult to master. Working one on one during private lessons with me, I can help you develop these concepts as a leader or follower. Even more, west coast swing is a dynamic dance with plenty of creative opportunities to put “make it your own” and private lessons are the perfect setting for focusing on developing your unique style.

Private Lessons (50 min) – 2024

$80 – At my home rate
$90 – Elsewhere


You can also catch me teaching at workshops and swing event weekends (groups and privates) several times throughout the year. Check out my event calendar schedule for details. (Contact me to book me for your event/workshop)

Event/Workshop/Social Guest Teaching
One Group Class (Depending on Location): $100 – $150
Two Group Classes (Depending on Location): $125 – $175
Privates: $90 (Student is responsible for any floor fees)

Deejaying (Depending on Location)
$50 for 2 hours of social music/bumper music
$50 for 1 hour of competition music/floor trials

Dips, Flips and Partnerships